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Cassandra Nelson is a compassionate, kind and honest practitioner who has a broad understanding of fertility medicine. Her work helps patients reclaim their hope, their fertility and sense of self.

We have shared many patients who have utilized the combination of Eastern and Western medicine strategies and this has resulted in numerous pregnancies. I have confidence that the couples who choose to participate in her program will benefit greatly.

John Nichols, M.D.
Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group (PREG)

My husband and I were trying to have a baby for the last 4 years. Initially we were very optimistic and did not expect any problems. So we try, and try, and try again. With each failed attempt it was harder to stay positive. After a year we went to see reproductive specialist and started to try different treatment. We tried almost everything without any luck. We felt hopeless. At that point we heard about Cassandra and decided to try acupuncture. And I am very happy we did! From the beginning it really helped me to restore some harmony in my thoughts. After combining traditional treatment and acupuncture I was able to conceive and we had our first baby recently!

We want thank Cassandra for helping with our journey to become parents, to bring such a joy to our life!

Age: 33
Greenville, SC

WOW! What a great experience!! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for awhile now. We went for a visit to my OBGYN and he informed us that we would need fertility treatment to conceive. My cycle was every 40 days instead of the "normal" 28 days. We left the Dr.'s office feeling really discouraged knowing what was probably ahead of us. I don't like the idea of taking medicine that is not necessarily needed to be healthy so I very quickly started to search for other options. A few friends had mentioned Acupuncture to me saying that it helped them conceive. I found Cassandra's website online and made an appointment. The very first visit was wonderful! My husband and I both felt so much better after we left. We immediately had high hopes. It just felt right. Everything she said seemed to make sense and I had a new understanding of what was going on in my body. I continued to see Cassandra once a week for a month. After the 3rd visit I ovulated "on time". We are now pregnant! We never imagined that it would happen so quickly!! This was just a wonderful experience for us. We are so thankful! We've already started to spread the word of our success story and we will continue to encourage our friends and family to take advantage of Chinese Medicine ... at Acupuncture Center of Greenville LLC, of course. God bless Cassandra for the wonderful work she does!!

Lisa Stone
Age: 26
Westminster, SC

My husband and I have gone through a long struggle to have a baby. We were becoming desperate and very frustrated after attempting 3 IVFs and having several miscarriages. I decided to seek alternative medicine to ease the struggle and help us become parents. First, I went to another acupuncturist at a different location, but I was disappointed that she did not bother to ask about any medical history. I was also not satisfied with the lack of professionalism.

We decided to go to Greenville and try Cassandra. I was very impressed with the medical history documentation and the thorough initial consultation. I felt like Cassandra was really going to study our situation and provide us [with] her best possible services. After our consultation, I soon realized that I was pregnant. Because of our history of miscarriages, I was extremely nervous and knew I still needed help to carry the pregnancy to term.

Cassandra helped me in so many ways and I am convinced the ONLY reason I was able to carry to term was because of her treatments.

She reassured me with positive affirmations and also helped me become balanced and cleared my mind of negative thoughts. I was able to carry my high-risk pregnancy with no complications, healthy, and to full-term. Today, we have a beautiful little boy. Thank you so much Cassandra. We appreciate you and are grateful for your dedication and healing hands. I would recommend her services to anyone.

Age: 38
Spartanburg, SC

I came to see Cassandra shortly after my son was born. I had a very traumatic c-section and was suffering from frequent infections and debilitating fatigue. I had been to my OB/GYN numerous times and was given a prescription at each visit. The medicine did not eliminate my infections. In fact, the medicine only made me feel worse. I also suffered from very harsh side effects. I began to research ... on the internet. I stumbled upon acupuncture by accident and was very skeptical. I was miserable when I decided to give it a try and to be honest, very desperate. I was in constant pain every day and began to experience depression and anxiety. I was willing to try anything that might help me. My family thought I was crazy, but I was so miserable I didnít care. I knew that I had to try something. It was hard for me to take care of my son and I was determined to get better so I could take care of him.

When I saw Cassandra the first time she showed me the acupuncture needle before she began my treatment. After an epidural and a spinal block I was not a fan of needles. I surprised by how thin the needles were. The acupuncture treatment did not hurt at all. It was actually very relaxing and I feel asleep while the needles were in. Cassandra gave me herbs to treat my infection too. In two days the infection was gone! I was elated and immediately my state of mind improved. I had taken pills as instructed by my OB/GYN for months with no signs of getting better and suddenly the infection was gone! Determined that the herbs and acupuncture had healed the infection I went back to Cassandra for more acupuncture treatments. I suffered a back injury several years ago and decided to see if acupuncture could help to ease my back pain. It did! My back felt better than it had in years! I knew then that acupuncture really did work. Cassandra also advised me to change my diet. I followed her instructions and my health has greatly improved.

My son has also had an acupuncture treatment along with herbs. When Barret was 18 months old he developed a very bad case of croup. He also has a blood disorder that affects his ability to produce red blood cells. When my pediatrician told me there was nothing that she could do I immediately took him to see Cassandra. Again, I was surprised that Barret did not cry when the needles were placed. He fell asleep during his treatment too! I gave Barret the herbs as Cassandra instructed and the next day he was not as pale. In two days he was remarkably better and acted like his old playful self. I would encourage anyone to try acupuncture. It helped me and now I am a firm believer in the bodyís ability to heal itself without the use of harsh chemicals. I only wish that I had known about acupuncture much earlier.

Brooke (and Barret)
Age: 30
Stay At Home Mother
Easley, SC

It was not my first experience with acupuncture treatment, but it was the best. My husband, who I persuaded to see Cassandra, was very skeptical initially but he changed his mind quickly and told me how nice it was to get a portion of serenity at the Acupuncture Center of Greenville. Cassandra is a great listener and great healer. After the acupuncture session, we would feel much better. Cassandra's gentle touch made us so comfortable, and we would completely forget that there were needles involved.

Greenville, SC

I have been using ACOGV's services off-and-on for several years now. From our very first meeting, Cassandra Nelson impressed me with her friendly and caring disposition. She takes a genuine interest in her patients while maintaining high professionalism and strict confidentiality. I was raised in Europe where alternative medicine is widely accepted. Growing up, I was treated by herbal medicine and acupuncture for fever, bronchitis, and stomach ache, as well as a variety of other childhood illnesses. So I didn't need to be told about the benefits of acupuncture, and I was glad to find a board-certified acupuncturist here in Greenville when I moved here.

Cassandra and her staff create a welcoming atmosphere at the practice. I am working full time, so for me, it is important to be able to schedule appointments later in the evening. Cassandra's practice has extended hours to accommodate people who work during the day. Another great thing about the practice that separates it from a doctor's office is that you don't have to sit and wait for your appointment and feel like your time is being wasted. Cassandra and her staff make sure you are seen as close to the time of your appointment as possible. Every time I hear friends or co-workers complaining about stress, back pain, migraines or just about anything else, I always recommend that they try acupuncture with Cassandra.

Clemson, SC

I came to acupuncture late in my first pregnancy because my doula suggested we try it to help with the preterm labor symptoms I was experiencing. It was a fortuitous choice.

Cassandra took the time to listen, evaluate, explain and treat me and the baby, not only helping me physically, but calming much of my anxiety surrounding the pregnancy. My preterm labor symptoms improved, then disappeared.

I continued regular treatments through the end of my pregnancy, including a few induction sessions after I passed the full term date and my OB started talking about pitocin induction. I experienced a very health, medication free, natural labor and delivery and returned to see Cassandra during my postpartum period. She helped speed my recovery in those initial weeks particularly.

When my baby was struggling with acid reflux, Cassandra took her on as a patient as well, treating her with the same thorough care. I find myself feeling healthier and more able in my life these days and I contribute much of that to the fully rounded style of care Cassandra has provided. I look forward to working with her in the future, and having her help me and my child through some of the tougher moments of growing up.

Age: 37
Simpsonville, SC

I originally sought acupuncture treatment to alleviate stress in my neck and shoulders from sitting at a computer all day. After a few sessions, I complained that my sciatica related pain in my right buttock and thigh bothered me much worse than my shoulders and neck. [Cassandra] began treatment of this persistent, sometimes severe pain that I thought was with me for the rest of my life. I got immediate relief from the pain as well as the constant burning sensation in my thigh.

I was, at this point, convinced that I had found the best pain management treatment ever.

With some herbal medicine support, I am living in much more comfort. I have told several of my friends and family, including my daughter who is an M.D., that this treatment has helped me tremendously. Thanks Cassandra.

Barry Mayfield
Age: 59
Safety Systems Engineer
Simpsonville, SC

My acupuncture treatments were extremely helpful with my Vertigo. Between the Acupuncture and Herbs, I recovered very well. I know I would not have recovered nearly as quick if I had not come to see Cassandra for treatments. She is very knowledgeable and very compassionate.

Tammie Mathiesen
Taylors, SC


When people ask me about my experience with acupuncture, I usually say that it's the best medicinal visit you will ever encounter. I then go on to compare it to a physician's office visit, where the nurse first obtains 3 pieces of data before you see the physician, weight, blood pressure, and pulse. What downers? Not at acupuncture, I'm excited about my appointments - the real discussion about my health and well being, openness about sharing and the sense that it's safe to share and be open- this is very important. Also there's TIME to share, not the 15-20 minutes allotted. I really wanted to explore connecting with my body, and acupuncture creates the space to do this. Cassandra asks gentle yet pointed questions about eating practices, family, profession, and stress. So far I achieved being at peace on well being and health appointment; I never considered that I would be excited about the appointments; it was really a time to relax, reflect, and remember to be gentle with myself and my body. This is very important to me. I continue to learn more about my body and make adjustments to my lifestyle.

For those who questioned my knowledge of herbs and the herbal prescriptions, I responded with the "just think of it as a physician's prescription, you don't know anything about those medications yet you trust it - you really trust the physician...same concept". I trust Cassandra.

The center is a gentle, clean, quiet space. From the moment I walked in, it's an energy of peace that easily quiets the mind and day chatter.

Thank you so much!

Mary Horne


I saw Cassandra every other week throughout my entire pregnancy. It was an extremely important part of my prenatal care. She helped me address the various physical side effects of my pregnancy including nausea, fatigue, swelling, and ligament stretching, while helping to manage my pre-pregnancy health issues. She consulted with me on my nutrition, physical activity, and even my emotional well being.

Cassandra is a truly compassionate healer. When you’re pregnant you have so many questions and feelings about everything, and you want to do whatever is best for your developing baby. Having Cassandra to discuss these things with, and to help me achieve optimal health was wonderful.

Once I was full term I saw Cassandra for my regularly scheduled appointment. As with most women I was concerned about going past my due date lest the baby be large and I have a difficult labor. At that appointment Cassandra worked on a few points that can help the body prepare for labor. It was a really special time for my husband and me, and I knew that Cassandra truly honored that. Within 24 hours of seeing Cassandra I went into labor. I had a wonderful labor and birth experience, and 10 hours later our son was born. I know that by getting acupuncture throughout my pregnancy, my body and my baby were healthy and ready for that big day.

In our quest to achieve health my husband and I have met many different kinds of healers/medical professionals. We’ve met doctors, nurses, midwives, chiropractors, acupuncturists and other “alternative” medicine practitioners. We’re lucky to have met Cassandra because it’s rare to find someone as knowledgeable in their field and as committed to us patients.

Abby Copeland
Greenville, SC


As a runner of 12 years, and a Health Care Practitioner, maintaining optimal respiratory health is a priority. I was diagnosed with Asthma 18 years ago and have been able to manage fairly well, with an occasional flare up.

In December of 2007, I came down with a serious Upper Respiratory Infection. My Asthma took a turn for the worse.

In June of 2008, my co-worker, Dr. Cara Davis, referred me to Cassandra Nelson for Acupuncture. Dr. Cara told me that Cassandra could help my Asthma. I met Cassandra and immediately formed a comfortable rapport with her. Her calmness and confidence helped me to relax. I was pleasantly surprised that the dreaded needles did not hurt! In fact, I found the whole experience to be very soothing and relaxing!

The morning after my very first treatment, was the first day in 6 months that I did not need to use my inhaler upon awakening!!!! I was more than thrilled! I continued weekly treatments for approximately 2 months. My asthma symptoms are gone and I back to running again. (My running partner, my dog, is back to herself now too!) I consider this a true answer to my prayer!!

Tammy Calder
CranioSacral Therapist
The CranioSacral Center of the Carolinas
Greenville, SC

The difference in my Mother’s condition was remarkable. She was navigating the stairs up to six (6) times a day using both feet to push off; her eyes were once again clear and sparkling. Her whole attitude changed from “this is how it is going to be for the rest of my days” to “I can take charge of my well-being”. Cassandra spoke with her at length and very kindly about things she might try to change, and for once, my Mother eagerly embraced her advice.

I found Cassandra to be an educated, compassionate, caring practitioner, and could recommend her to my friends and neighbors without hesitation.

Judy Goosen
The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards, SC


I have been extremely pleased with Cassandra’s efforts on my behalf. I progressively reduced the number of cigarettes I was smoking and had my last cigarette on April 4, 2008. I have accomplished this cessation without feeling of deprivation and have been able to maintain a positive attitude throughout. Cassandra’s efforts have encouraged me to find alternatives to cigarettes and have helped me to remain calm and relatively stress free through this effort. I would highly recommend Cassandra for other Cliff’s members in need of an acupuncturist regardless of whether they are dealing with smoking issues or other problems.

John Wallace
Sunset, SC


Fertility Support Group Testimonials

A beautiful, hopeful source of help for someone at any stage of the fertility journey.

Esme Carter
Age: 34
Greenville, SC

The support group/class helped me categorize my areas of struggle. It gave me options on how to deal with emotions that paralyzed me from fully experiencing my life. I learned my life is wonderful and rewarding the way it is.

Age: 38
Occupation: Mortgage Banker
Greer, SC

I highly suggest for every woman to attend this class. It is powerful to know that you are not the only one on your life's journey.

Greenville, SC

Cassandra has really helped me and my husband through this infertility journey. We've learned tools and resources to live a more fertile life.

Simpsonville, SC

It motivated me to follow better diet and lifestyle, slow down a little and enjoy every moment of my life. Think about what is important to me at this moment. Think about fertility as not just having a baby.

Greenville, SC



Cassandra Nelson, L.Ac.

Cassandra is a licensed acupuncturist in South Carolina and is Nationally Board Certified as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine.

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