Cassandra Nelson Acupuncture & Fertility

Formerly Acupuncture Center of Greenville…I am a holistic, eastern medicine practitioner offering Traditional Chinese Medicine in a modern environment. My treatment is rooted in the philosophies and strategies of Chinese medicine and integrated with modern healthcare technology and healing practices. While I work to alleviate signs and symptoms, my real focus is to resolve the root causes of illness and therefore improve function and health.

A different paradigm than western medicine, Chinese Medicine is an umbrella term offering many branches of practice, including Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Qi Gong, Chinese Nutrition, Exercise Therapy and Lifestyle Counseling. I may incorporate one or many of these practices into your treatment.

While I treat a variety of concerns, my practice focuses mainly on women’s issues, including fertility, gynecology, stress, emotional concerns, hormone imbalance and pregnancy.

Cassandra Nelson | Acupunture & Fertility - acupuncture needles


Acupuncture is the Chinese medical practice of inserting needles into specific points on the body to promote health and combat disease, thereby balancing Qi (pronounced “chee”), a subtle energy that circulates via energy channels called meridians. Practiced for over 3000 years, each acupuncture point has a specific purpose and function with a predictable result.

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Cassandra Nelson | Acupuncture & Fertility - pregnancy

fertility treatments

Most of my patients come to me with a diagnosis of “infertility” often without cause (idiopathic). The first thing I want to convey is a mind shift from focusing on what is missing or what isn’t working right – i.e. “infertility,” to a positive focus on what is naturally already existing – our “fertility.” While the word is a minor difference, the change in thinking begins a healing within.

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Cassandra Nelson | Acupunture & Fertility - traditional chinese herbal medicine

chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal prescriptions are the precursors to western pharmaceuticals. Made from organic substances including plants, animals and minerals, they have been proven safe for use for thousands of years. Because they are organic in nature and not synthetic or chemical, patients rarely experience side effects.

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